k beauty expo 2019 (in KINTEX)

The 10th'K-BEAUTY EXPO KOREA 10' held for 10 days from October 13 to October 4, a brand created with dermatologists, Dr.N·D·S )'and closed with success. It was an opportunity for domestic and foreign distribution officials as well as general visitors to test Dr.NDS' products and approach the brand'Dr.NDS' one step further. Source: Culture News (http://www.mhns.co.kr)

interCHARM KOREA 2019 (in COEX)

Derma cosmetic brand'Doctor NDS' participated in '9 InterCHARM Korea' held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul on September 18-20. Intercharm Korea, which celebrated its 2019th anniversary this year, is the largest beauty fair in Korea, visited by 17 beauty buyers and consumers every year. In particular, this year, the scale was increased by 3% compared to last year, making it the largest ever. In particular, among the products of Dr.NDS, the Hydrogel Lifting Mask is a patented hydrogel pack that has been well-received not only by domestic buyers but also from overseas buyers. As it contains a large amount of coconut oil, it can be used without irritation even on sensitive skin during the change of seasons as it becomes dry if the moisturizing film is maintained.

2019 Korea-China Ecolmus Seminar (TCL International Certification Office)

2019 Korea-China E-Commerce Seminar (in Incheon Weihai Pavilion) Dr. NDS (Dr.NDS) participated in the "2019 Inter-Korean Commerce Seminar" held at E-commerce operations are from Korea, China, the United States, Britain, Australia, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.I'm working on an offline platform project, and thank you for your interest in our product at this seminar. Please keep an eye on the #Dr.NDS and pay close attention to it.

2018 Cosmetics Beauty Industry Expo (in Osong)

Dr. NDS participated in the 2018 Cosmetics Beauty Industry Expo held in Cheongju last October!! Booth Number Company 1 A14 ran from Tuesday to Saturday for a total of 5 days. On Wednesday, 24th, we also demonstrated mask packs at the Open Studio in Osong Station. Also, not only domestic buyers, but also overseas buyer export talks were held. All the buyers in the audience reacted with an explosive reaction, and everyone was surprised. I feel like I've grown up another step. I'd like to thank everyone who's here.[...]