Iris Farm & Skinlink introduces hidden tag activation solution

Iris Farm & SkinLink Co., Ltd. (CEO Park Man-jin) announced that it has introduced the hidden tag hidden tag solution of CK & B.

Iris Farm & Skinlink is a basic cosmetics company founded in 2018. Dr.NDS, the representative brand, stands for Natural Dermatology Skincare, and it is a nature-friendly material that helps to moisturize and whiten skin.

Dr.NDS' flagship product,'Dr.NDS Hydrogel Lifting Mask & Brightening Booster Ampoule Kit', has been registered with the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) and the European Stability Certification System (CPNP, Cosmetic Product Notification Portal). .

Recently, Iris Farm & Skinlink Co., Ltd. has secured safety by introducing hidden tag of CK & B's activation solution. In the case of exports of products to China, Vietnam and other countries, there are a lot of concerns about household goods, or so-called pairs, and according to OECD standards, the world's household goods market is estimated to be about 600 trillion won. Cosmetics, baby products, and food products can harm not only brand image but also consumer health.

Activation Solution Hidden Tag is a world-class digital watermarking technology that can track and detect fake goods by recognizing labels on products. The Hidden Tag, which is currently used by more than 600 domestic and international brands, has been certified as 'World-Class Product' recently organized by KOTRA.

In addition, Hidden Tag has been re-selected as an activation voucher for export vouchers until 2021 and has been providing activation services to export voucher companies for five consecutive years since 2017. CK & B was selected as a power performing institution in the field of export voucher activation in 5 based on its excellent performance. Hidden Tag is Korea's only genuine certification service that has been officially evaluated by the Chinese government as well as domestic institutions. Recently, it was recently re-certified by the China Anti-Counterfeiting Industry Association under the China Bureau of Mass Control and Quarantine and Inspection.

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