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Dr.NDS is an abbreviation of'Natural Dermatology Skincare' as its own brand of Iris Farm & Skin Link.


Inspired by aesthetic care, the patented Dr.NDS Hydrogel Lifting Mask has a tight fit to the skin and provides instant lifting.

Dr. NDS Hydrogel Lifting Mask & Brightening Booster Ample Kit is a multifunctional kit that combines the purpose of skin improvement such as skin trouble relief and skin calm using wrinkle, whitening, skin moisturizing by using nature-friendly materials. It can be used hygienically with a simple syringe container, but you can feel the positive effect with only 1 times home care.



Dr. NDS Hydrogel Lifting Mask & Brightening Booster Ampoule Kit



14 total human body test is completed!

  • Testing Institution: Global Medical Research Center
  • Test results: All skin irritation judged in terms of primary skin irritation /

    Quality inspection conformity judgment!

  • Complete skin irritation test
  • Lead, arsenic and other harmful substances in human body Not detected!

  • Using the Dr. ENGINEER Hydrogel Lifting Mask Kit, the skin tone (brightening), lifting in 4 (eye tongue / mouth / ball / double chin), skin pore, skin moisturization, skin elasticity, facial 5 wrinkles (eye / forehead / forehead / / Under the eyes), judged to help improve skin texture.