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Hydrogel Lifting Mask & Brightening Booster Ampoule (Large)

Hydrogel Lifting Mask & Brightening Booster Ampoule (Small)

[XNUMXml]Brightening Booster Ampoule

Hydrogel lifting mask

Hydrogel Lifting Mask & Brightening Booster Ampoule (China Only)

[500ml] Brightening Booster Ampoule

Lifting plus mask

serene coporation

Serene Coporation

Irispharm & Skinlink Co., Ltd. is with the dermatologists from Yonsei University.

The (Serene) Cooperative Association was born to lead the business based on the medical expertise that has been accumulated with the academic reserarch

The insights of medical professionals in developing / creating / delivering new medical and beauty services enable many advantages. As the only dermatologist group in Korea, the Sri Lanka Cooperative Association will continue to value its existence by developing various projects that contribute to society creatively.

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Home Care with Dr. NDS
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From winter moisturizing management, elasticity management, lifting!! Better cost-effectiveness than going to a skin care shop!! Home Care with Dr.NDS♥♥

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Definitely, from two weeks before an important day, I think the best in terms of effectiveness is the best in terms of effect 👍🏻👍🏻 Really for facial line arrangement and skin soothing...

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#brightening ampoule spent #Finish with lifting pack!! After pack, use another ampule and 3 steps to clean up the skin tone to complete the perfect honey skin!!

@ y.05_06
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The #Dr.NDS #Lifting Pack that my girlfriend gave me a gift.. It feels like it's really lifting??! Where did I go to my jaw, which used to be in the world hahaha, it’s something new hahaha really good!!! Thank you, I will use it well and rejuvenate it~♥

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I deliberately left it for an hour, but there was no redness of the skin 1, and the softness and facial lines were cleared up?? The ampoule was applied first and then the lifting gel was applied on the top, so the tone was well organized.

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If you use Dr.NDS lifting packs and brightening ampoule every day, it'll take a short time to get a honey skin.

@ y.05_06
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As soon as it is applied, it adheres instantly and has an immediate lifting effect. Firm and bright skin You can now manage it as a pack instead of a procedure.

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Dr.NDS lifting packs are used a lot, so I tried it too, but I think that the lifting effect,,👍🏻 If I wear this and make up, I eat makeup better. Singibanggi😆

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Even if you're tired, let's take care of your skin 😎 I heard that the cheekbones of my forehead have become firmer today ❤️ I've already used 3 pieces and are working on it

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Home Care The King of Lifting Ends‼️ A lifting pack famous for hospital cosmetics! It's easy to apply a syringe pack to your face, wash it off, and finish it with an ampoule.✨ It's perfect for those who want to take care of lifting at home☝🏻☝🏻!

@ sunnny2
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The ampoule was not sticky and was very moist. After using it, I was excited to be lifting~~ I said that it can improve my skin, but I have to try it hard

@ enhee99
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These days, I was interested in lifting procedures and discovered the #lifting pack I am using with my mom. When the pack is dry, you can do both peel-off and wash-off, but open the nose with your hands to remove sebum, and wash the rest with water 👍 Do not go to the hospital for treatment.